In Bangladesh, the Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) has a long history of producing technical documentation on population and development, maternal, newborn, and child health, and family planning issues. The directorate has been creating, distributing, and disseminating different kinds of policy guidelines, training materials, SBCC materials, reports, newspaper articles, newsletters, etc. since Bangladesh gained its independence. DGFP IEM Unit maintains a "Resource Center," which is a collection of written and audio-visual materials, at the DGFP building in Kawran Bazar. By launching an online Digital Archive, DGFP recently extended its services into the digital sphere. The USAID Shukhi Jibon project provided DGFP with both financial and technical support. This archive will provide a secure framework for the documents' storage in future. This also creates an immense opportunity for public health professionals, researchers, academia, and program managers, to have quick, online access to the knowledge materials that have been produced by the DGFP. Currently, the USAID Shukhi Jibon project is working closely for continuous enrichment of the archive to uphold the technical credibility of the directorate.

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